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New arrival !! 12/4(sat)
ジェラートパーティフリルジャンパースカートSet レースアップ裾フリルジャンパースカート MELODY TOYSタイツ MELODY TOYSオーバーニー

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Decided to hold the first Tea Party hosted by Angelic Pretty in Hamburg, Germany !!
Angelic Pretty Paris will be the guest of honor at the "Egl luxury tea party in Rome" organizedy Vitae Essentia, lolita association in Italy !
Angelic Pretty Paris will be the guest of honor at the "Strike a Pose" organized by Summer Tales Boutique in Netherlands !
Angelic Pretty will be the main fashion guest at the "Witches' Follies" organized by Hellocon, lolita association in Finland !
Witches' Follies October 19th, 20th, 2019 ☆New☆
Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris 2017 !
Dream Masquerade Carnival
26th August Institute of Directors 
27th August One Whitehall Place 

Angelic Pretty will be present at the MaGnology (9-11. June 2017) in Hamburg.

Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6 Year Anniversary event will take place on December 10th and 11th

Report up!

Report up!

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We officially do not condone these types of illegal behaviors.
We will actively pursue those who continue these illegal activities.
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