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★ For if you can not use the mail form ★

If you can not use the mail form by the PC environment , please send directly to
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We ask that you please enter your name in the body , : (inquiry , payment and contact cases ) to help you? Always subject .
Case that can not be popular when it reply Because there is no mail in your name and the subject line , please forgive .

Among Guest you contact us from a mobile , customers under .. the mail with no subject line , but you come in particular ,
Because of spam increase , e-mail address from free e-mail address long and complex , such as yahoo and hotmail of " nameless matter " is
We will delete without having to check the contents .
I ask for the input of the subject always in the case of the inquiry .

In addition , impersonation order , so we are increasing , such as if the change of the order and content inquiries about your order
I ask to be able to fill all means both " your name " and " order number" .
Or leave the body the mail was sent from us .
To e-mail ( such as " I'd like to cancel ") have been described e-mail that is not available for input , only the requirements
I am very sorry, but I can not respond .

★ With regard to false information
This time, we received your report and related clothing trader of our on the Web, and has been flowing out false information.
That it has not involved any information other than the public directly operated stores blog or Angelic Pretty official website, on Twitter,
Please pay careful attention to the false information.
★ With regard to similar products
It very similar to our products, such products be mistaken for regular product is sold.
Please note earnestly For Customers should implement.
In our company, mail order of the official website, I sell the only legitimate products in retail stores · Contact dealer.
With regard to similar products, relationship with our company is not therefore at all, please pay attention to your purchase.

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