>Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris 2017 !>Reservation form

How to apply for the ticket reservation

Please write an email to in English or in French and complete the form below
with all the necessary informations.
The title of your email should be Angelic Pretty Paris 2017 Tea Party reservation inquiry .

Information on the applicant
- Name
- Country of residence
- Email
- Telephone number
- Postal address
- Number of tickets you wish to purchase
- Method of payment : We accept Paypal or credit card (at the store or by telephone)
- Your Paypal address if you wish to pay by Paypal

Information on the other participants
(please fill in even if the information is the same as the person who reserved the ticket)

- Name
- Country of residence
- Email
- Telephone
- Postal address

We will reply to you by email with payment instructions.
Once we have received your payment, we will send an email to confirm your reservation with a reservation number.

One person can reserve as many tickets as she/he wishes,
but we need to know the names,
telephone numbers and other information of all the participants.

In the confirmation email, you will receive your reservation number.
If you reserve several tickets, you will receive several reservation numbers corresponding to the number of your tickets.

You can obtain the tickets at Angelic Pretty Paris boutique from the end of June,
by exchanging your reservation number and your name.
The boutique is open from monday to saturday, 11AM to 7PM, closed on Sunday and public holidays.
If you bring a copy of the confirmation email, it will facilitate the exchange process.

■ If one person reserves for other friends, please send us the information of everyone.
In case you cannot make it to Angelic Pretty Paris boutique before the tea party, please inform us in advance.
We will send the tickets by post or hand it to you at the venu of the tea party.
■ Cancellation after payment will not be reimbursed.
※ Number of tickets are limited. The sales of the tickets will end when all tickets are sold.
※ Tickets needs to be fully paid in advance, cancellation is possible.
※ The seating is free at the tea party in the order of arrival at the reception.

For all inquiries, please contact

Angelic Pretty Paris

Please contact Angelic Pretty Paris boutique by email as indicated above.

※ Please write your object in the title.
※ We can answer in English or French.
※ Angelic Pretty Japan Official Site and boutiques in Japan cannot reply.
※ Reply from Angelic Pretty Paris can take some time.

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